Green, Yes! Of course we recycle our cans, bottles, and card board. But there is more, we recycle as much wood as possible in the building all of our ramps through out our park. Our park in the past year has even bought ramps from skate parks across the region that were closing, updating, etc. We have even found a new method of recycling our old masonite by cutting the masonite down into small 4 x 8 brick squares. Thus giving the masonite much longer life span, both new or used. The masonite bricks make a tight ride just like real bricks.... Clickety, clank clank!! We Just Say No to Nails, The BSP recycles screws (to a certain extent), we use until the heads are beat or there is nothing left of the screw’s threads and metal pieces are modeled & absorbed into our finger’s skin to create Bionic fingers which consist of 75% metal clippings thus adding speed while removing pain from whole building process.