Welcome to our 7,000 square foot climate controlled fully operational Skateboard Training Facility. Size does not matter here @ The Baltimore Skateboard Park aka The BSP. We are in our final stage of finishing full reconstruction of the whole park, and its never flowed better.

We have remade couple of our legendary East Coast skate spots. BSP started by making downtown Baltimore’s Leg Masson Banks, then moved onto re-designing NYC’s Brooklyn Banks with masonite brick squares, that ride like real bricks! Leg Masson & BKLYN Banks Section is equipped with 8 foot laid back Vertwall with mini manual pad extension. There is 20 plus feet of connecting quarter pipes on opposite side to keep your flow.

Our Alley Way Section has been through some reconstruction this year as well. The Alley Way 8 stair, has morphed into The BIG4 with one of the best Euro’s ever built. The BIG4 has lego pieces that can be moved across it. Try out the Rainbow Rail, Pole Jam, Flat bar, Wally Box, or one of the Orange Barriers up the Euro, and from either side of the stairs. Or take your chances and hit our newly welded Kinked Flat Rail down the BIG4 (THANKS ZACH), yeah it has legs so it can move. Backside or frontside regular or goofy, it doesn’t matter you can train yourself for the streets in our park! The Alley Way’s quarter pipe has been moved forward to allow for a larger deck, for roll in’s and to allow for standing space.

Finally on the East Side of the park... ROUND WALL!, we got round wall for all the olskool concrete heads, and/or any new comers attempting to learn but not scared to SLAM. BSP is proud to announce our newest section, “ The Coliseum ” . It’s not a Bowl, it’s not a Ditch, its..... The banks on the Alley Way side of the Coliseum have a small deck that can be skated as a ledge from Alley Way section or transfers from Alley Way Bank to Coliseum Banks. Then on opposite side of The Coliseum there is an Over - Vert Pocket connecting to a Vertwall to Wall Ride around to a 10 foot plus Bowled Round Wall with real Pool Coping Elevator!

Lastly we will be resurfacing our Mini Ramp. We have listened to everyone and we are bringing the masonite back to our Mini. Mini is 5 1/2 feet x 24 feet wide with a 7 foot extension.

But don’t take our online word for it, come skate the best park in the Region, and push your boundaries @ The BSP. We see ya here.


Open 7 Days a Week
4pm - 9pm
Tuesday - Saturday
12pm- 9pm
12pm- 7pm
410.391.8440 phone for any questions or updates

Skate Lessons are available @ BSP. Please call or ask next time in the park for details. Lessons are always given by a BSP Team rider more then skilled enough to show your kid or teenager everything from the Ollie, to the flip in’s & flip out’s of manuals and grinds... as well as how to fall correctly so you are able to minimize ER visits.